10" Clear Filter Housing 1/4" Inlets Draft Beer Homebrew Filtration or Randall

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This housing fits virtually any standard 10" filter media, and can be used for both water and beer. Make your own beer filter or Hop Randall. Fittings on either side are 1/4" FPT.

Using this as a Hop Randall is a flavor-infusing intermediary between the beer keg and your tap. Using this as a beer filter will help clarify and remove unwanted sediment and/or particulates between two kegs.

  • 10" custom modified housing
  • Top vent relief system - bleeds out any trapped air from inside the housing without exposing your beer to oxidation
  • Works on commercial kegs and home brewed beer
  • Kegs, fittings, filters, hoses, & tubes sold separately
  • Can be used with our 1 and 5-micron filters to clarify your beer