Complete Malted Barley, Specialty Grain Irish Whiskey Mash and Fermentation Kit

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Although we aren't in Ireland, with this recipe you can replicate your favorite Irish Whiskey right at home. Irish Whiskey uses barley as the primary ingredient and American whiskey can be made from either corn, wheat, or rye. As a result the taste of Irish Whiskey is a lighter and less sweet flavor than its American counterpart. This recipe is made from the freshest cereal grains so you can produce the finest Irish Whiskey.

  • This Whiskey Mask kit contains all the ingredients needed, except spring water, to make a 5 gallon mash of Irish Whiskey
  • Specialty grains allow for more "mature" flavored whiskey with less time.
  • Medium toast oak chips are included so age on. Oak chips have very high surface area to impart oak flavor much quicker than staves or barrels.
  • A complete set of step by step instructions and list of all items required to make your mash.