Great Western White Wheat Malt 3.5-4.0°L - 1lb

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A very light colored Wheat malt. The great thing about this malt is that the kernels are big (unlike some other varieties of Wheat so you do not have to readjust your mill from the standard 2-row setting.

Example Malt Analysis
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Chemical Analysis

Moisture: 4.5%
Finely ground rnalt extract: as is - 82.4%
Finely ground malt extract: dry basis - 86.3%
Coarsely ground malt extract: as is - 81.5%
Coarsely ground malt extract: dry basis - 85.3%
F/C Difference: 3.75%
Color: 3.73° Lovibond
Viscosity: 1.73
Beta Glucan: 57ppm
Diastatic Power: 188
Alpha Amylase(DU) : 41.0
Total Soluble Protein: dry basis - 6.54%
Total Protein: dry basis - 11.95%
S/T Ratio: 54.7%
Conversion: 5-7 Minutes
Aroma of Mash: Aromatic
Filtration Time: Normal
Clarity of Wort: 24