Bear Chested Putin Russian Imperial Stout Recipe Kit (Extract or All Grain)

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The Russian imperial stout is one of the largest dark beers. This one is a HomeBrewStuff original. Inspired by two of our favorite stouts, Ivan the Terrible and Old Rasputin, expect dark chocolate flavors, full-bodied, and a nice warming effect. We named this beer after Vladimir Putin because one too many of these and you just might try to join the KGB, call yourself the president of Russia, and ride a horse shirtless. With this beer we cheers Russia for the imperial stout, a beer so big it will get you through a Russian winter.

Kit Includes:

  • Malt Extract
  • Milled Specialty grains*
  • Grain Steeping bag
  • Pre-Portioned hop additions
  • Whirfloc Irish moss tablet
  • Choice of Dry or Liquid yeast
  • Complete Instructions

*Recipes kits that contain more than one type of grain will have them combined together in one bag.