TAPCRAFT Water Conditioning Packets Specific Regions and Styles

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Here at Homebrewstuff we have been delving into the world of water adjustments. This aspect of brewing can be one of the most tedious and difficult to understand. That is where our Water Conditioning packets come to the rescue. Just add these salts to 8 gallons of RO or distilled water (enough for a 5 gallon batch) and you have a water profile perfect for any style. The water collection includes the following with more to come! Don't forget to add these to any recipe for just $0.99!
  • Antwerp Belgium - A soft and balanced water profile perfect for low hopped Belgian beers. This profile will bring forward malt characters and sweetness.
  • Burton-On-Trent - The calcium and sulfate levels are remarkably high but the hardness and alkalinity are balanced nearly to the degree of Pilsen water. The high level of sulfate and low level of sodium produce an assertive, clean hop bitterness. Compared to ales of London, Burton ales are paler, but much more bitter.
  • Munich Germany - Although moderate in most minerals, alkalinity from carbonates is high. The smooth flavors of the Dunkels, Bocks, and Oktoberfests of the region show the success of this brewing water. The relatively low sulfate content provides for a mellow hop bitterness and lets the malt flavor dominate.
  • Pilsen Czech - The very low hardness and alkalinity allow the proper mash pH to be reached with only base malts achieving a soft rich flavor of fresh bread. The lack of sulfate provides for a mellow hop bitterness that does not overpower the soft maltiness.
  • Hazy IPA - With a 3-1 ratio of Chloride to Sulfate this water profile will allow for huge amounts of hops to be added with out adding bitterness.
  • West Coast IPA - With the opposite of the Hazy IPA profile sulfates dominate here. Creating a clean crisp bitterness the west has come to be known for. 

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