Back-Flush Cleaning Adapter for Beer Wort Plate Chiller Home Brewing

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Plate chillers are a wonderful accessory to have, and certainly help your brew day go faster. However proper cleaning and maintenance is crucial to their longevity. This back-flush hose accessory is used to flush the wort side of a plate chiller after use. The hose assembly is a 12" length of 1/2" ID vinyl hose with a female garden hose thread on one end, and a 1/2" Female swivel on the other. Both fittings are factory assembled to the hose with Oetiker clamps. This adapter makes it possible to force water or cleaner back through the wort chiller the opposite direction of wort flow. This makes it possible to wash out any lodged pieces of debris that might have gotten trapped in the chiller
Product Features:

12" length
Works with Blichmann Therminator or any plate style wort chiller with 1/2" male threads on the outlet
1/2" Female NPT Swivel x Garden Hose Female Swivel