Spike Solo System 10 Gallon

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The Solo was designed for new and experienced brewers alike! It’s made with the highest quality materials, versatile and has straightforward usability. It took two years to develop this system because we really wanted to design a turnkey system that actually works for you

One of the biggest considerations in brewing is space. The Solo has a compact footprint and is able to be stowed away nicely when Brew Day is done. A kitchen, basement, garage or even a back patio will all work for your home brewery!

When it comes to the actual brewing process the Solo can’t be beat. You’ll be able to make commercial quality beer in only 6 simple steps: heat water, add grains, filter, boil, whirlpool and chill. Yeah, it’s that easy.

Note: Pump and chiller included.

Features & Specs:

  • The Spike Solo features tri-clamp fittings.
  • 10 gallon system, 2.5 to 5 gallon batches 
  • Uses only solid 304 stainless steel, no bags or mesh that can tear
  • Sanitary welded coupler design (done at our facility in Milwaukee, WI)
  • 1.2mm thick kettle walls
  • Thick stainless-steel hooks on basket easily holds wet grain on the kettle lip during vorlauf or while the basket drains
  • Bottom of the basket features precision-laser slits matching the false bottoms on our commercial brewing systems
  • Basket has tapered design to promote good flow through the grain bed
  • Heated using a powerful 120V heating element
  • Includes 6 foot power cord and 6 foot heating element cord