Complete Malted Barley, Specialty Grain American Whiskey Mash and Fermentation Kit

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Of course, the "best" way to make whiskey is with 100% grain. Unfortunately, that's no small feat, especially when you are new and don't have lots of equipment. There is nothing particularly tricky or complicated about it. But there is a learning curve for a new distiller. This recipe is built to make that first step into all-grain distilling welcoming and foolproof. You can make this and you don't need all sorts of fancy stuff to do it. If you are new to all-grain brewing for distilled spirits this recipe is the perfect way to jump in. Even if you completely screw up the mash you will still get a solid result . . . . and honestly you won't. It's pretty easy so get started with this recipe.


  • This Whiskey Mask kit contains all the ingredients needed, except spring water, to make a 5 gallon mash of American Whiskey
  • Specialty grains allow for more "mature" flavored whiskey with less time.
  • Medium toast oak chips are included so age on. Oak chips have very high surface area to impart oak flavor much quicker than staves or barrels.
  • A complete set of step by step instructions and list of all items required to make your mash.