TAPCRAFT Deluxe Double Tap Jockey Box with Intertap Faucets

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Our Deluxe Jockey Box includes 50' stainless steel coils and forward closing Intertap Faucets. With these long coils you are sure to have ice cold beer every time you pour. Rotomolded body makes this cooler virtually indestructible, while high density polyurethane insulation and compression lid will keep the contents ice-cold for days on end. Rope handles with molded grips make the Rubicon easy to move around, and lockable lid will keep out beverage bandits and bears alike.


  • Rotomolded body
  • High density polyurethane insulation
  • 50' Stainless Steel Coils
  • Chrome Plated Intertap Forward Sealing Faucets and Shanks
  • Front Inputs - The beverage lines coming from your kegs connect to this jockey box on the front of the cooler This leaves a clean look on the back side of the cooler