Huell Melon Pellet Hops

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Huell Melon is Huell's new cultivated variety, newly licensed in 2012. Huell Melon makes a great impression with its pleasant fruity character and subtly sweet aromas. Huell Melon is suitable for use in both top-fermented and bottom-fermented beers. Its distinctively mild yet fruity character can be individually tailored to a beer's own aroma and flavor profile. Beers previously brewed with Huell Melon have already made a great impression thanks to the quality of the bitterness and in particular their enhanced aroma profile. The distinctive fruity character of these hops is best released by dosing it at the cold stage (dry hopping).

Brewing Usage: Finishing Hop

Aroma: Specific aroma descriptors include distinctive honeymoon melon and strawberry.

Alpha Acids: 6.9 - 7.5%

Beta Acids: 7.3 - 7.9%

Co-Humolone: 25 - 30% of alpha acids

Total Oil: <1.0% mL/100g

Possible Substitutions: Belma, Jarrylo

Typical Beer Styles: Belgian Ales, Hefeweizens

*All hops in stock are stored in a cold environment to ensure the highest freshness possible. Alpha and Beta acid amounts vary between batches and may not be exactly as pictured, however are generally with in the ranges stated above.