Cluster Pellet Hops

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With its well balanced bittering and aroma properties, Cluster is an excellent multipurpose hop. The variety is the oldest hop grown in the U.S and was one of a few hops that grew until the late 1970's. Cluster has a good resistance to disease.

Pedigree: Unknown- suggested that it arose from hybridization of imported varieties and indigenous male hops

Brewing Usage: Dual Purpose

Aroma: Strong, floral and spicy

Alpha Acids %:  5.5 - 8.5

Beta Acids %: 4.5 - 5.5

Co-Humolone:  36 - 42% of alpha acids

Total Oil:  0.4 - 0.8 mls/100g

General Trade Perception: Excellent general purpose hope with balanced bittering and aroma potential

Possible Substitutions: Galena, Chinook, Nugget, Eroica

Typical Beer Styles:   Ales (aroma), Lagers (bittering) and Stout; often used in reproductions of historical US beer styles

*All hops in stock are stored in a cold environment to ensure the highest freshness possible. Alpha and Beta acid amounts vary between batches and may not be exactly as pictured, however are generally with in the ranges stated above.