Gin Botanicals Kit

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What is gin?
Gin is a distilled spirit in which the primary flavor comes from Juniper berries which impart an assertive piney flavor.  Other botanicals are combined with juniper to create unique flavor profiles and intricate complexity.  Traditionally these botanicals are macerated and steeped in a neutral spirit which is then distilled into a clear spirit imbued with the flavors and aromas of the botanicals used.  This process requires special equipment and licensing so it is generally out of reach to the common gin enthusiast.
Why Compound Gin?
Fortunately, there is another process, called compound gin, which is a bit more "kitchen friendly" and yields some pretty amazing results.
A compound gin is created by soaking all of your ingredients in a neutral spirit, then filtering them out after a period of time.  Gin is normally clear, a compound gin won't be clear but it will smell and taste like the real thing.  Compounding is a very old process which has been used since gin was first created over 500 years ago, and truth is that compound gin is as delicious and complex as its re-distilled clear cousins.
  • 3.5oz of Botanicals
  • Steeping Bag
  • 1500ml Neutral Spirits NOT included!
Place botanicals in the provided steeping bag. COMBINE steeping bag and 1500ml of neutral spirit into a jar, seal and shake well. STEEP in a cool dark place for as little as 12 hours or up to a full week. REMOVE the botanical steeping bag, and presto! You just made your own gin.