Size #7.5 Drilled Rubber Gum Stopper Fermentation Home Beer Brewing Wine Making

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Rubber Stopper - Size #7.5 Drilled with 3/8" hole in the center. Our stoppers are manufactured from a premium grade rubber material. This makes the stopper soft, pliable and long lasting. The hole size is 3/8", and you can use any of our airlocks.

Stopper Size




Small Diameter: 17mm

Large Diameter: 21mm

 Fits the top of a beer bottle, for
harvesting yeast or making starters


Small Diameter: 19mm

Large Diameter: 24mm



Small Diameter: 17mm

Large Diameter: 21mm



Small Diameter: 27mm

Large Diameter: 32mm



Small Diameter: 28mm

Large Diameter: 34mm

Fits MOST glass carboys


Small Diameter: 31mm

Large Diameter: 37mm

Fits our 500ml Erlenmeyer Flasks


Small Diameter: 31mm

Large Diameter: 39mm



Small Diameter: 34mm

Large Diameter: 42mm



Small Diameter: 36mm

Large Diameter: 43mm

 Fits our 1000ml Erlenmeyer Flasks


Small Diameter: 38mm

Large Diameter: 46mm



Small Diameter: 43mm

Large Diameter: 50mm

Fits our P.E.T Plastic Carboys


Small Diameter: 46mm

Large Diameter: 54mm

Fits our 2000ml Erlenmeyer Flasks


Small Diameter: 48mm

Large Diameter: 56mm



Small Diameter: 50mm

Large Diameter: 63mm