HomeBrewStuff Complete Yeast Starter Kit with Oxygenation wand and Tap Craft Twister Stir Plate (1000 ml flask)

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The HomeBrewStuff Complete Yeast Starter Kit
This is an instant professional grade yeast starter kit for the home brewer. This kit includes the all new Tap Craft Twister stir plate. A professiona grade stainless steel stir plate with an immense 7" X 7" Base large enough for a 6 gallon carboy (as Pictured). This amazing stir plate is one of the few to boast that it can actually stir 5 gallons.And the HomeBrewStuff stainless steel oxygenation wand kit. It has long stainless aeration wand with stone, 4ft of food grade tubing, and a brass valve/regulator to attach to your disposable oxygen tank (Not included). Using this wort aeration system will contribute to lower final gravities, quicker fermentation, heather yeast, and a cleaner fermentation. Cleaning your aeration system is as easy as putting your air tubing and oxygen diffusion stone in your sanitized solution or boiled. But can be fully disassembled for deep cleaning, or boiling. It also comes with a1000 ml flask, 3 lb. golden light DME, 4 oz. Fermax yeast nutrient and energizer, Air Lock, Stopper, and an extra 1" stir bar for a total of 2 in the kit.Build up your team of yeast cells for ultimate performance like the pro's do. Get fast results and gold metal beers!


  • Tap Craft Twister Magnetic Stir Plate
  • HomeBrewStuff Stainless Steel Oxygenation Wand
  • 3 lb DME, Air Lock, Stopper, Fermax Included in This All in One Package
  • Includes an Extra Stir 1 inch Bar