TapCraft Dual Body Regulator w/ 2 Shutoff Valves

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Our regulators feature a convenient knob style pressure dial that can be adjusted without tools. With dual bodies, you have one gauge that shows the remaining pressure in the tank, and two that shows the pressure going to your keg. Connection to tank is sealed with ultra durable delrin gasket. When connecting off of this line you can tee off for multiple kegs or you can connect multiple regulators together so that pressure to each keg can be individually set. 

  • Chrome shutoff valve with built in spring loaded check valve to prevent beer from flowing backward into the gas lines.
  • Large adjustment knob , adjust pressure by hand (no tool required!).
  • 5/16" Air Check Valve
  • Regulator has a maximum pressure safety system (blow off at 55 to 60 PSI.)
  • Permanent seal at the inlet nipple provides enhanced protection of leaks, eliminates the need for fiber washers upon refill.
  • Gauge marked for low air, so you can refill before your tank is empty!.
  • Right Handed Threaded