Aluminium 2 Way Co2 Gas Distributor Manifold with 5/16" Barb

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Our 2 Way CO2 Distributors are an economical way to run more than one keg off of a single CO2 tank. Each shutoff has its own spring loaded ball check valve to prevent the flow of liquid into the regulator, or from one keg to another.  This gas distributor is machined out of one piece of aluminum with a built in mounting plate for easy attachment to a wall. Several units can be connected together with a simple 1/4" pipe nipple. The barbs on these units are 5/16" which works best with commercial draft systems using Sanke keg couplers


  • Machined from a single piece of aluminum
  • 1/4" threaded ports
  • 5/16" Barbs on outlet valves for use with Homebrew fittings
  • Built in mounting plate
  • Chrome Plated valves with spring loaded Ball check valve