10 Gallon (40 Quart) Cooler Mash Tun & HLT Set w/ Stainless Steel False Bottom and Valves

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All grain brewing can be an intimidating process. There are new procedures to master, new terms to learn, and new pieces of equipment. But if you are ready to remove the training wheels and do everything from scratch. Then this is an easy and inexpensive way to break in to all grain brewing. All of the world's classic beers are produced using all malted grain with no extracts.
The difference between a good brewer and a great brewer is their ability to control the brewing process. All grain brewing isn’t that much harder than extract brewing, but it does take some specialty equipment, and this kit has what you need to brew less expensive better tasting beer for years to come. You will get better taste, complexity and malt character, Improved attenuation, and more control over the entire process at less cost.
This is a complete All Grain Brewing set of Two (2) NEW converted IGLOO 5 gallon coolers. One is set up as a Mash tun with an 9" stainless steel False Bottom collection manifold and built in copper sparge manifold. The second cooler is set up as a Hot Liquor Tank to hold hot sparge water. Both coolers are insulated to insure consistent temperature for the entire mash process.

  • Includes 2 - 10 gal coolers
  • Mash tun cooler with Full Stainless Steel False Bottom
  • Perforated Copper sparge manifold built in to Mash tun lid
  • 2nd cooler comes assembled as Hot Liquor Tank
  • Stainless Steel Valve and bulk head
  • HLT has a Stainless Steel elbow dip tube
  • Included 10 Feet of High Temp Silicone tubing
  • All Valves, parts and instructions included
  • Bonus Thermometer included