One Gallon Hard Apple Cider Starter Kit

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Our premium Cider kit comes with all the equipment needed to make two 1-gallon batches of hard apple cider. This kit comes with everything you will need except bottles, caps, or corks. One gallon batches are a great way to perfect your cider making before stepping up to larger batches. Great for experienced cider makers who wish to make test or pilot batches.

Equipment Kit Includes:

  • 2 gallon P.E.T. food grade fermentation bucket
  • 2 gallon drilled lid w/ grommet
  • 1 gallon glass carboy
  • Carboy fermenting lid
  • Three piece airlock
  • Mini auto siphon
  • Auto siphon tubing w/ shutoff clamp
  • Adhesive fermometer strip
  • Triple scale hydrometer
  • 10 campden tablets
  • One Step (2)
  • Apple Concentrate (2 Bottles)
  • Safcider Yeast(2)
  • Instructions and Basic Cider Recipe