1 Faucet Homebrew Draft Beer Kegerator Kit w/ Drip Tray & BALL LOCK Fittings

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Your Draft Beer system is waiting...
Having fresh beer on tap can not only be a reality, it is seriously cool! Setting up your own kegerator system at home is easier than you thought, HomeBrewStuff's kits make setup a snap by including everything you need for a variety of installations from converting that old garage sale refrigerator, to full on multiple tap bar setups. All of our components are heavy duty commercial quality and built to last. Everything is included right down to the last hose clamp, in addition, everything is backed by our dedicated customer service team who is available to help with any questions. If you have a custom installation, need something special, or just need help picking the right system, give us a call. Our customer support number is 208-375-2559.
With This Kit you can...
...Mount a single beer faucet into a refrigerator wall or door. The Ball Lock keg fittings match most homebrew 5 gallon beer kegs. This kit is perfect for the individual who already has a Co2 tank and regulator but wants to mount a permanent tap into a refrigerator or converted Kegerator. All hoses and accessories that you will need are included.