TAPCRAFT Chrome Intertap Double Tower

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This TAPCRAFT Double Tap Tower comes with all high quality components guaranteed to give you a great pour. The stainless steel 3" column is easy to clean and sturdy. The liquid lines are thick walled food grade 3/16" x 7/16" vinyl that will not impart any plastic smells or flavors to your beer. The Intertap faucets are forward sealing with a super clean and smooth action. These faucets are easy to clean and wont get stuck like standard rear sealing faucets. A faucet/ tower shank wrench is included in the kit along with beer nut connections for a commercial sanke coupler connection.


  • Stainless Steel Column
  • Chrome Plated Intertap Faucets
  • Thick Wall 3/16" x 7/16" Food Grade Vinyl Tubing
  • Faucet/Tower Shank Wrench