2 Faucet Homebrew Draft Beer Kegerator Conversion Kit Ball Lock w/ Optional Co2 Tank

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Your draft beer system is waiting...

     Having fresh beer on tap can not only be a reality, it is seriously cool!  Setting up your own kegerator system at home is easier than you thought, HomeBrewStuff's kits make setup a snap by including everything you need for a variety of installations from converting that old garage sale refrigerator, to full on multiple tap bar setups.  All of our components are heavy duty commercial quality and built to last.  Everything is included right down to the last hose clamp, in addition, everything is backed by our dedicated customer service team who is available to help with any questions.  If you have a custom installation, need something special, or just need help picking the right system, give us a call.  Our customer support number is 208-375-2559.

With this kit you can...

...Mount a TWO beer faucets into a refrigerator wall or door.  The Ball Lock keg fittings match most 5 gallon homebrew  beer kegs.  A dual gauge Co2 regulator and optional tank supply gas to preserve and push the beer for serving.  All hoses and accessories that you will need are included.  See below for a list of all included components, and specifics about each item.

Here's whats included...

  • Commercial Double Gauge Co2 Regulator - Our regulators feature a convenient knob style pressure dial that can be adjusted without tools.  With dual gauges you have one that shows the remaining pressure in the tank, and one that shows the pressure going to your keg. Regulator includes “y” splitter and 2 chrome shutoff valves with built in spring loaded check valves to prevent beer from flowing backward into the gas lines. Connection to tank is sealed with ultra durable delrin gasket. 

  • 2 Pair - Gas and Liquid Ball Lock Style Keg Connectors – These quick disconnect couplers make switching kegs a snap!  They can be easily taken apart for cleaning or sanitizing.  Get one pair with each tap in your kit.

  • 2 x Chrome Plated 4-1/2" Long Shank with Nipple - The shanks are measured from the end of the barb to where the faucet attaches so a 4 1/2" shank will fit a maximum wall thickness of 3 1/4" through a 1" bore.  The hose connects directly to the shank with a stainless hose clamp.  This style of shank is a bit tougher to dis-assemble but since there is no beer nut required you gain an extra 5/8" of possible wall thickness.  The chrome plated finish is durable, attractive, and works with most beverages.  SPECIAL NOTE: If you are going to serve wine, ciders, or sour beers you will need to upgrade your system to the 100% Stainless Steel beverage contact option.

  • 2 x Chrome Plated Faucet with Brass Lever - This premium quality faucet features a forged brass body with a highly polished chrome finish. This faucet has a brass shaft assembly and lever with a nylon ball washer that ensures smooth operation. The brass lever has standard threading that is compatible with most branded tap handle.  Comes with 3" black plastic handle.

  • Heavy Duty Faucet Spanner Wrench  - Used for connecting or removing a beer faucet from a shank.
  • 5/16" x 9/16" Co2 Line Hose - 2 x 5' Heavy duty Co2 gas tubing with 1/8" wall thickness.
  • 3/16 " x 7/16" Beverage Line Hose - 2 x 5' Heavy Duty beverage tubing with 1/8" wall thickness will not impart any off flavors or aromas in your beer, remains flexible even when cold and resists kinking.
  • Accessories - Complete assembly instructions, Stainless steel worm drive clamps x 8.


    Co2 tank option includes...

    New 5 lb. Aluminum Co2 Tank - All of our tanks are brand new and recently certified, this certification lasts 5 years, at which point it just needs to be re-certified by your local Co2 supplier.  Due to federal regulations Co2 Tanks must ship empty and therefor must be filled or exchanged before use.  If you want to keep your shiny new tank please allow several days for your distributor to fill the tank since they usually do not do it "while-you-wait".  If you need to exchange it you should insist on a like quality tank since it will most likely be in the fridge with your beer.