Customizable Plastic COBRA SQUEEZE FAUCET PICNIC TAP For Draft Beer Homebrew

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  1. Choose your length of tubing, 18" or 48". Tubing is high Quality USA made beverage tubing with 3/16" inside diameter, 7/16" Outside diameter.
  2. Choose your type of Keg connection: Ball Lock, Pin Lock, or Beer Nut to fit Commercial keg taps

This picnic tap faucet is used for a variety of applications, replacing worn out parts on party taps, or for dispensing home brew. This is one of those ubiquitous items that every home brewer and beer geek is sure to need several of. 

  • Easily dismantled for cleaning and sanitation
  • Simple yet durable construction
  • Internal seal is silicone
  • Operates up to 20 PSI serving pressure
  • 1/4" barb hose connection (we recommend heating 3/16 tubing and stretch over barb for clamp free, leak free, use)