Cornelius Style Keg Carbonation Lid Kit With Silicone Tubing and Diffusion Air Stone

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How to use this carbonation keg lid kit?
① The center of the keg lid has a ball lock keg post, attach the gas quick disconnect to the post,
and then inject co2 into keg to carbonate your beer (co2 absorbs better when cold 34–40°F)
② Our keg lid has a gas dip tube on the bottom with silicone tubing attached. 
2 Micron difussion stone is shipped seperate to ensure it stays clean. Attach with provided clamp.

The nature of the aeration stone is that it breaks up the gas feed into tiny bubbles for quick carbonation of the beer.
Less time is required to achieve the same beer/gas exposure using this carbonation keg lid kit

Please Note:
★When you are done carbonating replace with standard keg lid.
★Easy and speedy carbonation,quick and without shaking when you use this kit to carbonate,
you can enjoy your beer almost immediately

Package Include: 
1* Carbonation Keg Lid
1* Diffusion Stone
1* Silicone Tubing