50' Copper Immersion Wort Chiller with Hoses.

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Super efficient 50' Copper Immersion Style Wort Chiller cools wort FAST.

Fast chilling of your wort...

  • Reduces the chance of infection and exposure to the environment.
  • Improves the clarity of your beer and helps separate cold break
  • Reduces volatile compounds that cause DMS and other off flavors

Copper has up to 28 times the thermal conductivity of Stainless steel. So while we all love Stainless Steel, Copper is clearly much more efficient, and has the added benefit of imparting trace minerals into your beer that are beneficial to yeast .

Thermal conductivity calculated by (Btu/(hr °F ft))
•Copper 231
•Stainless steel 8.1

This immersion chiller is designed for 5-20 gallon batches, and will cool your wort in minutes! It's made from 50 feet of 3/8" copper tubing which provides the most efficient and perfect balance of heat transfer and flow rate, allowing you to cool your wort and reduce the amount of wasted water. 12' of vinyl tubing is included in one continuous piece allowing you to customize your hose length for inlet and outlet, a garden hose adapter, stainless steel clamps and complete care and use instructions are also provided. This product is proudly made in the USA.

An optional garden hose faucet adapter can be included with your order allowing for easy connection to your kitchen sink.

  • 9 1/4" round diameter
  • 19" tall overall height
  • 3/8" OD Copper
  • Perfect for 5-20 gallon batch sizes
  • 12' Vinyl hose with brass Garden hose ends included