Stainless Steel Carbonation Cap w/ 5/16" Barb

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Carbonates 'still beverages' & preserves carbonated beverages. The stainless steel carbonation cap can be used to inject or maintain Co2 in any beverage. Your imagination is the limit. Carbonate soda & juice, power drinks, mixed drinks or just plain water!

Co2 goes into solutions best when both Co2 and solution are cold. Likewise, Co2 tends to come out of solution under warmer conditions (or outgas). Understanding this will insure successful use of the carbonation cap.

The 5/16" barb allows for the ability to distribute straight from your container. Simply attach a liquid ball lock along with a picnic tap and you're ready to dispense anywhere!


  • Never use on glass bottles or worn out PET bottles
  • Never use more than 30psi (2 bars) when injecting 
  • Regularly examine working condition of complete system
  • Replace any worn or broken item before using
  • Do not let cold carbonated beverages become too warm. Co2 pressure increases dramatically with temperature increase
  • Do not remove the Carbonation Cap too quickly as it can be become a projectile.
  • Do not over-tighten
  • Replace plastic soda bottles often
  • Please wear safety goggles