Cola Soda Extract 2 oz

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Cola Soda Extract
Making soda at home is easy and fun with our Homemade Soda extracts. Simply mix the extract with water, sugar and wine yeast, then bottle in clean, sanitized soda bottles. Allow the bottles to sit at room temperature for about 3 days, then refrigerate and enjoy!

Carbonation levels are difficult to control when making soda with yeast. The method described above allows yeast to produce carbon dioxide for three days at room temperature. When the soda is refrigerated, the yeast becomes dormant and CO2 production nearly stops. If the soda is not refrigerated after bottling, pressure will continue to build inside the bottles and the soda may erupt in a gusher when opened. Glass bottles may even explode. Just a word of warning. Soda is fun, easy and safe to make at home, but please be careful.

If you have the equipment needed to brew beer, you have everything you need to make homemade soft drinks. Homemade soda is very easy to make and is a great project to do with the kids. These extracts include enough to make 3-4 gallons, depending on your taste. Yeast, bottles, and sugar is also needed to make soda from these extracts. Complete instructions are included in the extract box.